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Leith Porsche

Le Mans Race Event

Le Mans Race Event 

Saturday, June 17th 

Watch the live feed of the Le Mans Race at Leith Porsche.   

Event will start at 9:30 AM for the kick-off, and the feed will be streamed all day until 5pm.

 Live feed of the race
 Interviews with the drivers, and crew
 Light refreshments served in the morning

Feel free to stop by at any time, and see the race in the eyes of Porsche!

Le Mans – a dreamy, tranquil town in the north-west of France, which turns into a glitzy, tremulous centre of motorsport once a year. The town’s streets form one of the world's oldest and most historic race tracks, with a totally unique dimension. Over a quarter of a million spectators at the racetrack, around 1,500 accredited journalists, and television broadcasts in 190 countries ... This race is probably the biggest single event in worldwide motorsport, and it is most certainly the hardest race of all.

Due to this event, we will be postponing our usual Cars & Coffee Event on June 10th, but will be back to our regular 2nd Saturday event in July.